Welcome to Bully Breed Kennel Club

Here's a little overview of what we offer and how to get started.


We offer registration to all bully type breeds of dog regardless of having previous pedigree, Kennel Name registration, Litter Registration and Accredited Breeder Scheme.

We register all coat colours as well.


Anyone can sign up with a free account and start registering their dogs. If you co-own dogs or a kennel with someone else, they can be added to the registrations as well. To see what Breeds we Register check our REGISTER-A-BULL page.


Here's a simple explanation of how to get set up and register with us.


 1. Set up your free member account. Once your account has been approved you will be emailed with your       Unique ID Number ( please check your junk or spam email folders, if you haven't received your ID Number within 24hrs please contact us. contact@bullybreedkennelclub@gmail.com )


 2. Once you have your ID Number you can now start registering, head over to the Registrations Page and         you will find the application forms for:

  • Kennel Name Register your Kennel business name, this will appear on all other registrations and certificates. 

  • Dog Registration If you do not have a Kennel Name to register head straight for Dog Registration.

  • Litter Registration Coming Soon

  • Accredited Breeder Coming Soon