We offer registration to all Bull Type Breeds whether they have prior pedigree from another kennel club or not. 

All coat colours are recognised, as we believe the colour of a dogs coat doesn't determine its true quality. 

We offer the opportunity to start new pedigree lines without dogs needing to come from a pedigree bloodline, they will be registered with an 'unknown history' and a new line will be started with their registration. If a dog has a pedigree from another kennel club organisation they can still be registered with BBKC. 

Our main objective is to build the largest database of Bull Type Dogs to promote the breeds and create a worldwide network for breeders, owners and potential owners to use. This will hopefully create a better understanding and better public perception of bully breeds in general and help to lower the number of these breeds that are left in rescues, abandoned or mistreated. 

We plan on becoming more than just a registry with events and fundraising campaigns in the future.

We are driven by a passion for all Bully Breeds.