Dog Registration Form

A Registered Name must follow the rules set below or may be rejected:

  • A Name must consist of no more  than 24 characters this includes spaces

  • Names can only contain letters and spaces no punctuation, numbers or symbols allowed.

  • Canine terms such as “Dog”, “Bitch”, “Champion”, and full names of breeds are not permitted.

  • If the dog is registered to a kennel that the applicant owns, the kennel's name may be used in the dogs name being applied for. (Kennel name will show on the dog's certificate under the registered name so it does not need to be in the name if you don't want it to).

  • All names are subject to profanity checks and availability against our database, if the name(s) you requested are not available you will be contacted to provide an alternative or make changes to the name submitted if possible.

  • Registered company names, trademarks and owners surnames are not permitted in registered names.

Prices include a Registration Fee of £15 (Document Version +£5) (Display Version +£7).​

All prices include postage, please select the correct option.

  • UK - Mainland England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • International - Everywhere not listed above.

Personal Details

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Joint Owners Details

This section is only if you own the Kennel with someone else, if you are the sole owner leave this section blank.

Kennel Name

This section is for the Kennel Name the Dog will be Registered to.

Dogs Details

This section is for the Dogs Details.

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