Kennel Name Registration Form

 Kennel Name Registration

A Kennel Name application must follow the rules set below or may be rejected:

  • Requested names may contain up to 20 characters including spaces.

  • Can only be made up from letters and numbers and spaces. No form of punctuation or symbols are allowed.

  • No personal names are allowed to be used in the name.

  • Common place names, Registered company and trademark names cannot be used.

All Names submitted are subject to profanity checks and availability checks against our database. We reserve the right to reject any name that may cause offense to others, please wait to receive a confirmation email to say your name choice has been approved before using it on other applications. The email will be sent out as soon as your choice of name has been approved, you will also receive your Kennel Number that will be required on Dog and Litter Registrations.

If your choice of name is not available you will be asked to give an alternative or modify the name you applied for if possible.

You are only allowed to have one Kennel Name registered to you.

Prices include a Registration Fee of £25 (Document Version +£5) (Display Version +£7). 

All prices include postage, please select the correct option.

  • UK - Mainland England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • International - Everywhere not listed above.

Personal Details

This section is for your details

Joint Owners Details

This section is only if you own the Kennel with someone else, if you are the sole owner leave this section blank.

Kennel Name

This section is for the Kennel Name you are applying for.

Certificate Options (including postage)
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Thanks for SubmittingWe will contact you once your Application has been reviewed.​